OMOR Research Seminar

Research Cluster - Operations Management & Operations Research (OMOR)


ESSEC Business School performs quality research in the area of operations management and operations research. The purpose of the cluster “Operations Management and Operations Research (OMOR)” is to augment the visibility of research activities in these areas within ESSEC and outside, in the scientific community as well as in the business community, and to promote joint research activities between cluster members and with outside researchers.

Operations management concerns the creation, production, and delivery of products and services. The concept comprises areas such as :

  • Supply chain management & logistics

  • Energy markets and operations

  • Manufacturing and quality management

  • New product development and technology management

  • Project management

  • Purchasing and procurement management

  • Service system design

Operations research concerns the application of quantitative methods to solve operations problems. In particular, the cluster performs research on the development of new methods and on the application of methods in the following areas (among others):

  • Combinatorial optimization

  • Discrete-event simulation

  • Dynamic control

  • Dynamic programming, including Markov decision processes

  • Game theory and dynamic games

  • Optimization and linear programming

  • Stochastic modelling, e.g., stochastic processes and Markov chains

  • Risk analysis