December 2022 / January 2023:

Upcoming deadlines to apply for our position in Information Systems (two positions) or Econometrics/Statistics (one position) -- please see the details at the bottom of


3 publications in NeurIPS 2021 one of the leading conferences in Machine Learning, by IDS faculty:

  • Diffusion Schrödinger Bridge with Applications to Score-Based Generative Modeling
    by Valentin De Bortoli, James Thornton, Jeremy Heng, Arnaud Doucet

  • Optimality of variational inference for stochastic block model with missing links
    by Solenne Gaucher, Olga Klopp

  • Fast Approximation of the Sliced-Wasserstein Distance Using Concentration of Random Projections
    by Kimia Nadjahi, Alain Durmus, Pierre E Jacob, Roland Badeau, Umut Simsekli

December 2021: Guillaume Chevillon and Karine Lamiraud (Economics Department) were part of the consortium that was granted 9.4M euros for research on Artificial Intelligence and Cancer Treatment (Lead: Institut Gustave Roussy)

Congratulations to Marcel Bräutigam

for jury's special mention at the "Prix des Sciences du Risque 2020" for his doctoral thesis!

Congratulations to Thomas Kude

for the ESSEC Foundation Research Award (ESSEC Foundation, France) !

Congratulations to Jeremy Heng

for his publication "Controlled Sequential Monte Carlo" in the Annals of Statistics!

Congratulations to Thomas Huber

for 2 awards:

  • Americas Conference of Information Systems 2020, Best Reviewer Award

  • International Conference on Information Systems 2020, Best Associate Editor Award (Track: Societal Impact of IS)